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  • Kloppmann Electrics Pickups

    Kloppmann Pickups handcrafts premium guitar pickups in Germany, meticulously capturing the soul of iconic vintage tones and pushing the boundaries of modern sound. Their dedication to quality and sonic authenticity makes them the trusted choice for discerning players, seeking to elevate their instruments and playing experience to new heights.

  • Canalli Guitars' differential lies in the sustainability model, using a large amount of reclaimed wood in the guitars. These woods offer the ideal condition for use, as they have already undergone a natural process of drying in the shade for more than 60 years in the vast majority of cases, which provides perfect stability for the wood.

  • Ramme Custom Hardware is a leading expert in producing high-quality hardware parts made from stainless steel. With years of experience in the industry, Ramme's products are renowned for their durability and precision. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their business, from their innovative designs to their exceptional customer service.

  • From the careful choice of the woods to the final setup, every Carrozza instrument follows rigorous parameters of excellence. Combining technical knowledge with modernization, the Carrozza Custom Guitars factory delivers 100% of the necessary technology to cover all stages of the production process of the instruments, offering unique models.


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